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My Practice

Preparing to welcome a child, birthing, and becoming parents are sacred processes. I believe that everyone is the expert on their own body and life and deserves to be held with care through these transitions.


I work with birthing people, their partners, and surrogates as they embrace and remember their power to sustain through change. In the days and weeks following birth, I support individuals and families as they navigate their new roles. 

Birth looks different for everyone, every time, and as a doula, I am here for it all. I seek to witness each person’s experience, to offer nonjudgmental support, a feminist, queer and anti-racist lens, and a grounded and adaptable presence. 


I see doula work as something that is at once intimate and interdependent. I aim to connect people with resources in their communities, and to be part of building these resources.

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My Experience

I have been practicing as a full spectrum doula since 2014, beginning by training with The Doula Project in New York City as a birth doula and a perinatal loss and abortion doula, and continuing my education by becoming a Certified Birth and Postpartum Doula through Doula Trainings International in 2016.


I have worked with clients who speak French, Spanish, and English, and am proud to offer services in these three languages. My practice centers on healing and working to end systemic disparities in care. I am deeply grateful to the community with whom I continue to build and grow.

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Certified Doula Logo from Doula Trainings International.
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